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Chronicles of a Future Superhero

The journey is as important as the destination

30 October 1975
Welcome & How To Use My Livejournal

I am a girl.

I do stuff.

Most everything else about me, my poetry / performances, latest interests, latest crazy hair-brained schemes, etc. etc. can be found at my personal site,

If you wanna send me an email, go to the contact page of said website.

In my LJ, I blab about my biz, my poetry, dating, and my life. Half Most of it is friends-only.

**You can friend me - PLEASE let me know that you have and tell me who you are. Even if you think I should know, I probably don't.**

If I don't know you yet, I'd be happy to meet you. I don't always friend people back whom I don't know, so please don't take offense. I'm still honoured and happy to be friended. (And don't forget to tell me who you are in a comment.)


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