HD Camera

I'm really excited to start doing motion capture in Term 2.

I'm searching around online for good deals on the camera needed and not coming up with much.

Do you know anyone who is selling one? Or can you point me in the direction of a local place with good deals to check out?


Canon HV20, HV30, or HV40

or any AVCHD digital video camera that has an external microphone input.


Yesterday was Kyle & Lisa's wedding.

It was a really, really good wedding.

I love Kylie like a little brother. Extra wonderful for me was getting to celebrate him and the amazing Lisa with my guest, long-time friend Ron, whom I also love dearly. I hadn't seen Ron in a while.

Ron is pictured with me below.


Photoshop assignment

The original photo:

Me as "good" Dr. Horrible. (If one could call him "good.")

Me as EVIL Dr. Horrible.

A few modifications from the actual assignment just to show off me as evil Dr. H.

"The world is a mess...........and I just need to rule it."

The actual assignment completed. Me as some weird evil alien Dr. Horrible thing.

6 mask selections: 4 colour blended & 2 Hue/Saturation/Brightness balanced.
rock star poet

Last night's Instant Poetry Slam - First Slam poem I've written in a year or 2

We were given a prompt, "A Workout And More" at 7pm and starting at 9pm, we had to slam what we wrote. I'm kind of proud of mine.

(Perhaps the best part was how the microphone kept falling out of it's stand, making me very Awkward. :P )


This is the Battlecry of the Awkward

The Song for the Worrywarts, the Clumsy, the Foolish, the Shy

This is dedicated to all those for whom leaving the safe nest of the couch with the comfy, sinky cushions to venture out! -

Beyond the first vestibule!

Takes a little bit more than just an effort; it's a workout

Not one of those lame workouts, either, where you do a couple of pushups and you're like, "Oh ya, I'm a stud."

No, my friend. I'm talking an hour of running around the track (perhaps with your heels kicking out and knees bending the wrong way)
followed by a full circuit of weights at the gym
followed by a game of Squash
where by the end your face is redder than the boy who stubbed his toe tripping over the sidewalk in front of his classmates
and you think your chest may have exploded a few tiny sticks of dynamite.
Possibly faulty ones, but you're not too sure

This is for those who look before they cross the street. All 4 ways. Even the lawn and the hedge

For those who check, and check again, before they leap

(Off the curb)

For those who care what you think of them. Care so hard their motor skills stop...quite....motoring

Because awkward smells like being beat up and shoved in school lockers from grades 2 through 11; missing grade 5 only because head in the toilet was in vogue that year

Because worrywarts sound like the click train tracks make when the conductor sees something up ahead and doesn't think he can slow down in time

Because shy feels like clausterphobic. Shoved into a dumb waiter. That gets stuck between floors 2 and 3

My fellow Awkwards:
You are strong. You are strong
You workout and more, just to face this big world every single day

quotes I'm liking right now

"When you have two unanswered questions, try letting one answer the other." - Jack McCarthy

“We wake each day to live out our dreams.” - Keith Cook

"You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future" - twitter/GainConfidence

Cookie Monster: "Me tried fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free cookie today. Or, as me like to call it: crime against humanity." - twitter/sesamestreet

"It's April Fools. One might think this makes the Internet less reliable than usual, but who are [sic] kidding? The Internet is _always_ unreliable." - twitter/tachyondecay

"Be thankful for fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed" - Mark Twain

Possibly my 2 favourite internet April Fools website pranks today:

The follow-through is just too adorable:

The Guild spinoff "Lil' Guildies"!
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"Are you Hanging Out With Worriers Or Warriors? Are You A Worrier Or A Warrior? Guess Who Has More Fun" -Scott Brandon Hoffman, twitter/theentertainer

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain." -Author Unknown