Live Trace Homework

Last one for now:

Our assignment was to use Illustrator Live Trace in an unconventional way that does not look like your typical online live trace photos.

My first two are not typical (I think). My third is, but I don't care. I love it.

This is Martin. One of the few people I still see during the school year, mostly because he wants to learn everything I'm learning. Also, because we work well together. He edits his zillions of photos and I homework.

Martin with a whole pile of different Illustrator Live Traces layered on top of each other

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More Homework

My Illustrator Midterm Project

I got 95%. Woo!
(The project consisted of 4 drawings - 2 logos and 2 business cards. I don't need to show the lesser of my logos. *smiles*) They needed to have double-meanings and could be resized.


Posting my drawings up on the "fridge" aka Lookit! Lookit what I made for homework!

I've been remiss at posting these up on LJ. I've been busy. Doing homework. TERM 2 IS INSANE.

I'm done for the night and before I go to bed, let's play a little catch-up.

I'm putting them in separate posts.

Human Factors Final Project:

Our 4-person group was assigned creating a really non-conventional web interface for a website about Global Dimming (in essence, it's how all the bad things we do change the nature of clouds and the earth is cooler than it should be --- we are not feeling the full effects of just how bad Global Warming is. Also, it doesn't rain as much as it should).

*Screen 1 of 4*
We made our interface like a video game.

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Why I shouldn't be let in the kitchen again.

See, I wasn't kidding. There's some finger that is
not there anymore.
(Tastefully taken at a non-gruesome angle. You're

I'm taking bets on if it's going to grow back!
rock star poet


Tonight's haiku battle list is full!

Don't forget, there's 2 lottery spots for walk-ins and there's the open mic. (Preference goes to haiku for the open mic.)

Also, if you don't get into the lottery, you can ask me to be 1 of the 2 battling in the sacrifice. Best 2 of 3 haiku wins the sacrifice round.

Cafe Deux Soleil
2096 Commercial Drive
$5-10 sliding cover

Doors at 8 PM
(If you're signed up already or are signing up, please come for 8pm.)
Open Mic (reserved for haikusters not taking part in the competition, preference given to haiku) begins at 8:45 PM
and the Slam starts at 9PM.

Cover Charge: $5-10 sliding scale.

Feature: Chris Gilpin, our 2008 champion
rock star poet

Haiku Deathmatch

Just a few spots left1 for those who want to compete in my haiku deathmatch on Mon., Aug. 9. Contact Sean McGarragle to get on the list. (If you don't have his contact info, tell me and I'll get you on.)

1 As I wrote this, it became one spot left. Anyone over that goes onto the wait list if anyone drops out. If no one drops out, you go into the lottery for the last 2 spots the night of. If you don't get to battle, we'd love if you signed up for the open mic.

We started learning Flash today. My life will never be the same.*

* Yes, I know the whole "Flash is dying, thanks to Apple" debate. Whatever. I'll have fun with it for now in this class and figure out the semantics later.

I created this tonight armed only with what we learned in our first Flash class today and some googling.

A wee reminder to those who call me by my online name IRL. (With the exception of Martin. Cuz, well, he's Martin: :)

Some final projects

An assignment for Graphics Theory class in which we mostly learned how to brainstorm, rough, and comp a concept from start to finish. This was my final website design.

My final wordmark for Graphics Theory class.

Final project for Communications class:

A step by step guide to songwriting for newbies or songwriters with writers' block.

The focus was entirely words, colours, images, navigation, and anything else we use to communicate. Not on good graphic design nor coding.