superjill (superjill) wrote,

Live Trace Homework

Last one for now:

Our assignment was to use Illustrator Live Trace in an unconventional way that does not look like your typical online live trace photos.

My first two are not typical (I think). My third is, but I don't care. I love it.

This is Martin. One of the few people I still see during the school year, mostly because he wants to learn everything I'm learning. Also, because we work well together. He edits his zillions of photos and I homework.

Martin with a whole pile of different Illustrator Live Traces layered on top of each other

Martin with one Illustrator Live Trace but with some global colours changed to make the gramophone look alive.

Martin with only one type of Illustrator Live Trace - I just didn't want to alter this one. :)
Tags: homework, school
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