superjill (superjill) wrote,

Posting my drawings up on the "fridge" aka Lookit! Lookit what I made for homework!

I've been remiss at posting these up on LJ. I've been busy. Doing homework. TERM 2 IS INSANE.

I'm done for the night and before I go to bed, let's play a little catch-up.

I'm putting them in separate posts.

Human Factors Final Project:

Our 4-person group was assigned creating a really non-conventional web interface for a website about Global Dimming (in essence, it's how all the bad things we do change the nature of clouds and the earth is cooler than it should be --- we are not feeling the full effects of just how bad Global Warming is. Also, it doesn't rain as much as it should).

*Screen 1 of 4*
We made our interface like a video game.

*Screen 2 of 4*
Mouse hover: Sun ray (or as we like to call it, the laser beam) follows your mouse

*Screen 3 of 4*
Mouse click on a nav item: Sun ray blows up one of the causes of global dimming. The cloud is able to rain again. Hooray!

*Screen 4 of 4*
Example of a page that comes up when you click on a nav item.

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