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The recent influx of new readers gave me the idea that I should create a "Welcome" and "How to Use" post, and put it on my profile for future new readers. People are drawn to my lj for different reasons, so why not tell them how to get the goods.

Besides, I like being silly.


Welcome to SuperJill's LJ. Here you will find interesting things.

Most of it is friends-only. If you add me, please let me know. Thanks!

How To Get The Most Out of SJ's LJ

People come here for different reasons. The most common are my poetry, my self-help/inspiration stuff, and my pictures.

I use tags. Here are all of my tags:

May I suggest:


All of my poetry or poetry fragments, whether good or bad (I need to write lots of bad to have a few good, though there are a few gems in there -- if you want really good ones, go here) get tagged.


I collect quotes for my coaching clients, newsletters, and future books. These are fun, inspiring, and you can get a glimpse into my world view through them.

Photo-a-day Project:

I was taking and posting a photo a day as an experimental project, mostly to force myself to write creatively. I still sometimes do this. Inspired by poetryslam and his crew.


All photos, including photo-a-day ones.

A Few More Fun Projects least I am amused by them.

Friday Memos:

I try to write amusing memos every the occasional Friday. Inspired by grammarsquirrel.


Any post about my cycling obsession. Includes photos, distances, and reports on Critical Masses I attend.


This is a new tag for the travelling I have been doing this year so far.

Enjoy your stay in SuperJill land, and please come back again soon. :)
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