superjill (superjill) wrote,

Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp

Anyone have a week off in Van and trying to figure out what to do with their time?

Or think they could get work to pay last-minute for a week-long bootcamp?

Or looking for something for your teen or young person to do? (We already have one teen signed up, so if yours can sit still for long hours — 9am-9pm, with 1.5 hour meal breaks — they are welcome.)

How about a Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp?

You'll walk away with a business model, a brief business plan for a new venture idea, a WordPress site, an e-portfolio, some sample web pages using your new HTML, CSS, jQuery skills, some knowledge of basic design principles and PHP programming, and an introduction to creating mobile apps.

It's normally $800 and this week only it will be $400.
You can also pick and choose which parts to attend.

One-Week Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp
Taught by Cyri Jones, Jason Madar, and myself

Yar! Starts tomorrow. Sign up now.
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