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Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp

Anyone have a week off in Van and trying to figure out what to do with their time?

Or think they could get work to pay last-minute for a week-long bootcamp?

Or looking for something for your teen or young person to do? (We already have one teen signed up, so if yours can sit still for long hours — 9am-9pm, with 1.5 hour meal breaks — they are welcome.)

How about a Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp?

You'll walk away with a business model, a brief business plan for a new venture idea, a WordPress site, an e-portfolio, some sample web pages using your new HTML, CSS, jQuery skills, some knowledge of basic design principles and PHP programming, and an introduction to creating mobile apps.

It's normally $800 and this week only it will be $400.
You can also pick and choose which parts to attend.

One-Week Business, Web and Mobile Boot Camp
Taught by Cyri Jones, Jason Madar, and myself

Yar! Starts tomorrow. Sign up now.
Does anyone you know want to live by themselves in a funky little 1-bedroom basement apartment right smack in the middle of the Drive for only $614+util? Well now they can! Move in when I move out, Nov. 15.



Know kids 9-13 looking for something inspiring to do next week?

W2 Creative Technology Summer Camps!

The W2 Media Arts Boot Camp: Photography, Photoshop, Web Skills, Stenciling and Web Design.

I'll be one of the instructors, so you know it'll be the awesomest.



A year of school and all I got was this lousy portfolio site.

Kidding, kidding. I really, really *heart* my portfolio site. :)

Look, that's me, right there—

Crowdsourcing my songwriting

I need help with one of my lines!

Ukulele Rebel

If I were a smarter woman,
I'd be studying right now,
But instead
I'm writing
This song

If I were more responsible
My nose would be in a book
But instead
I'm writing
This song


I know there are more
important things to do
than strum away
the afternoon
But face it
If this is the worst thing I do
--> this line <-- *
I'm just writing
I'm writing
This song

My worst vice
Is the ukulele
This is the worst thing I do
Watch me I'm a rebel
Whoah Whoah
Watch me
I'm writing
This song
Ukulele Rebel (Repeat from My worst vice)

(Verse 2)

If I were a domestic woman,
I'd be cleaning right now,
But instead
I'm writing
This song

If I were more sensible
My grocery shopping would be done
But instead
I'm writing
This song


* What I want it to mean is: "I don't really feel like I'm being a naughty/bad/uncontrollable person"

What I've come up with so far is:

I don't really feel like I'm being unsubdued
I don't really deserve the bad-mouthing you spew
I don't really feel I'm reprehensible or rude
I don't really feel like I'm being wild or rude

Help please?

Crabby The Crab Lives!

My first After Effects 3D animation


I've got 2 of several video projects up online now. Yay!

The first, you may have already seen, but in this version Neal helped me fix up the sound so you can actually hear Angus. :)

The second, which you haven't seen before, is the student video I was telling you about that David, Dan, and I made. First video project ever! It's apparently _really_ good for a first student video in our program. btw, it's based on a poem that was assigned to us, which you can read beneath the video or on my blog post:


Yep, my feet and a hand made a cameo near the end. Not to mention, I have the one speaking line. Heh.

Also, although we all shared the work collaboratively overall, the first 30 seconds are specifically mine.

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